Have you ever heard people say that "Vancouver has no soul?"
Well, I think that's garbage. This podcast debunks that myth by featuring compelling conversations with Vancouver's most inspiring leaders.
You will hear personal stories from out vibrant community on how to achieve business, relationship and spiritual success.

New episodes every Tuesday.

Host: Michael Tranmer

Latest Episodes

15. Season Finale! Leading With Bold Kindness - Nurse Next Door CEO Cathy Thorpe

Cathy Thorpe, President and CEO of Nurse Next Door, shares her leadership philosophy of bold kindness and how it has transformed the home care industry. She emphasizes...

14. Environmental Leadership - with Oceanwise CEO Lasse Gustavsson

In this conversation Lasse Gustavsson, an international environmentalist and CEO of Oceanwise, discusses the progress and challenges in ocean conservation and sustaina...

13. Living the Simple Life - with Wilderness Legend Frank Wolf

In this conversation, Frank Wolf discusses his love for exploration and the wilderness. He shares his passion for creating routes in obscure areas and the joy of the j...

12. Embracing Extreme Cold - With Kevin Vallely

Kevin Vallely is a world-class explorer and leadership mentor. In this episode we discuss Kevin's upcoming expedition to Ellesmere Island and the challenges he will fa...

11. How To Speak With Confidence - From Panic Attacks To The TEDx Stage With Lucas Mattiello

You wouldn't expect someone diagnosed with an anxiety condition to become a Public Speaking trainer, but that’s what Lucas did. He is the Founder of Level Up Living, w...

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